Turn An Old Tire Into A Gorgeous Planter

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Discount Tire for Find Your Influence.  All opinions and ideas are 100% mine.  #oldtiresturnnew #mydiscounttire

Turn An Old Tire Into A Gorgeous PlanterHey there everyone!  Earth day is coming up on April 22nd, which means it’s the time of year when people start thinking of ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I love the challenge of coming up with ways to reduce waste.  If you don’t believe me, you should see my scrap wood pile.  I hate the idea of throwing it away when there could be a great project just begging to be built!  Luckily, I was able to use some of that scrap wood for this awesome project!  

I teamed up with my local Discount Tire to figure out a creative way to make good use of old tires.  I love that I have a location close to me.  We’ve been loyal customers for as long as I can remember, so I was pretty excited to work with them.  I stopped by the shop to pick out an old tire and found one that felt like it would be perfect for my project!  I also apparently just missed seeing one of my friends who also popped in to grab some tires for an upcycling project she was working on too!  So you can already tell it’s easy to stop in and get your own tire for this project.  

Here’s what you’ll need to make this planter:

  • 1 old tire
  • 1 – 4×4 board cut to 3 – 12″ long pieces with 15 degree angles at each end.  The long side and short side of the angles should measure 12″.
  • approx 200′ of 3/8″ sisal rope (or less if you have a bigger diameter)
  • weatherproof stain
  • 2″ pocket hole screws
  • Kreg Jig or angle brackets
  • 2″ bolts and nuts
  • 3/4″ plywood or end of wood spool
  • jigsaw with scroll blade

recycled tire planter

I grabbed all of my materials to figure out how I was going to build the planter.  I started to use 1×3 wood for the legs, but they just didn’t have enough substance to them, so I grabbed a 4×4 from my scrap pile and cut three legs from it.  I happened to have some wooden spools leftover from another project, so I stole the end off of one of them to make the base for my planter.  I also bought a plastic planter tray to keep the wood from being wet constantly from the flowers.

build a tire planter

I lined up my spool on my tire and traced around the tire to get the proper diameter for the base.  I wanted the diameter to be about an inch smaller than the tire all of the way around.  If you don’t have a wood spool, you can easily do this with a piece of plywood.

how to build a planter

I grabbed some nuts and bolts from our hardware stash and figured out where I wanted to drill my holes.


Using a 3/8″ drill bit, I drilled four holes through the plywood and into the sidewall of the tire.  I pushed my bolts through and flipped the tire.


It was a little tough to get to the bolts to attach the nuts, but I found that standing on the inside of the sidewall pushed the end of the bolt through enough.


Then I ratcheted all of them tight.

rope planter from tire

Next it was time to attach the rope.  I used my hot glue gun and started gluing the rope on from the bottom edge of the wood base.  


I kept working my way around the tire, trying to keep the rope tightly wrapped.  This is a good step to take in the house and watch TV to pass the time.

UPDATE:  After a few weeks in the hot AZ sun, the hot glue isn’t holding as well in a few areas.  If you live in a hot climate, I’d recommend super glue or another strong adhesive to hold the rope on.


Figuring out where to attach the legs was tricky.  I’d never built anything with only three legs before.  I ended up finding the center point and positioning the legs in a triangle at the center, then marking the positions with a pen so I could place them after drilling holes.


I needed this base to be really strong to hold the weight of the tire and the flowers I put in it.  I drilled 1 1/2″ pocket holes into two sides of my 4×4 legs.


I glued up the legs and then attached them to the wood bottom using 2″ pocket screws.  If you don’t have a Kreg Jig, you can also use angle braces.


Once the legs were attached and all of the rope was glued on, I sanded the legs and applied weatherproofing stain.  I didn’t take a picture of this step, but I used Behr tintable weatherproofing stain in Padre Brown.  A sample sized can is really all you need.  

recycled tire flower planter

I bought a pot of mixed flowers from Lowes and it fit perfectly inside the tire.  I love the idea of flowers, but I’ve also thought about making more for fresh herbs or strawberries!  The height is perfect to keep the bunnies around our house from eating everything.

recycled tire planteredited-0779

I absolutely love how the planter turned out!  I had struggled with different ways to build this for weeks, but the rope idea finally popped into my head and it came out better than I could have imagined.  Truth be told, my husband hated the idea of me doing a project with a tire, but once he saw the finished planter he really likes it!  To keep up with the upcycling spirit, I also finally got around to building a tailgate bench using an old ’55 Chevy tailgate that I’ve had sitting on the side of our house for the past two years.  I knew it would be the perfect compliment to the tire planter!  I’ll be sharing that tutorial in a few days.  

Have you ever created any projects from recycled tires?  I’d love it if you shared them!  It’s always fun to see what others can come up with.  If you’re looking to build this project or others with tires, definitely head to your local Discount Tire.  They’d be happy to help you turn old tires into new creations!  

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  1. 1


    This is so cute Katie! There was some old tires someone put by the dumpster in our alley and my DIY mind went to hmmm what can I make from an old tire…now I know.

  2. 5

    Tina Fultz says

    Hi! I was concerned how the Hot glue would hold up to weather and rain. Can you tell me if it seems to be ok?? I love this and I have a bunch of old tires out back!

    • 6

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Actually, I literally just discovered tonight that some of the hot glue on the top didn’t hold as well. That could have been my fault as it was towards the end of the tire and I was getting tired;). I am thinking of using Gorilla glue to fix it.

  3. 7

    Sharyl says

    Great idea for a flower planter, but I would hesitate to grow food in one of these without researching it a bit. Toxic chemicals and such????

  4. 9

    Sue Dennis says

    Can you tell me what size tire??? From the pictures it looks small. But on another note I love love love this I will be making one thanks for sharing.

  5. 11

    Evelyn says

    i absolutely love this! I was wondering where you got the 200 feet of sisle rope? I’m going to try and build this but after reading your comment on the hot glue,I think I will use contractor grade glue instead. Thanks for a wonderful post! I also am making seats for the kids to sit on , without the legs. I’m anxious to get started!

    • 12

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I got mine at Home Depot, but after the fact, I found it cheaper at Harbor Freight.

  6. 18


    Pretty great timing for me to find this project, I JUST had to buy new tires and I’ve got the old ones laying around waiting to be used. Such a great idea! I will definitely be turning at least one of them into this amazing planter.
    Emily recently posted…Our Favourite Summer DIY ProjectsMy Profile

    • 19

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      That IS perfect timing! I will probably do the same and make some as gifts when I need my tires replaced:)

  7. 20

    Jackie says

    Absolutely fabulous. Have added this to my seemingly endless list of things I want to make. I think 3 or 4 of these planted up with a selection of herbs, out on the decking perhaps? and what a gift for someone, brilliant!

  8. 21

    Connie says

    I painted two tires put a 5 gallon bucket down the middle and planted my flowerI also painted a tire and hung off the gate with flowers it

    • 22

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I love that idea, Connie! That definitely has me inspired! I wanted to find ways to use tires in my garden and the 5 gallon buckets would be perfect for smaller herbs, etc. Plus stacking them like that keeps the bunnies away:)

  9. 23

    Susan says

    The tire/rope planter is a great recycle project. You could also add a larger circle if wood on too for outdoor coffee table.

  10. 24

    Susan says

    I forgot to say, as you wrap rope around wood and tire, anchor it with some screws here and there to keep the rope on longer.

  11. 25

    LaDonna says

    Brilliant idea!! I’m not real sure how it happened, but we ended up with a good amount of tires on our property. I’ve been trying to figure out what I can do with them

    • 26

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thank you LaDonna! This planter would definitely be a great idea for them. You can also search my Christmas ornaments from old tires post too! Those were super fun to decorate the yard with this past year:)


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