Pottery Barn Inspired Console Table

Entry Table2This console table was the first build my husband and I did together. I had been begging for a console table forever and he (rightfully so) didn’t want to spend $1,000 on a table. I finally convinced him that we could just build one and save a TON of money and have some fun working together in the process. I found this console table on Ana White’s website and I knew it was what I had been looking for.  We modified it a bit based on some of the brag posts shared, because I really wanted to have the bottom shelf on it.  The plans don’t show that, but it is a really easy addition and we figured it out pretty quickly.

We bought all of the wood at Home Depot and had them cut most of the pieces for us.  That saves quite a bit of time when you get everything home.

IMG_0616-editedHere’s the skeleton view of the table before we attached the table top and the 1×4 shelf pieces.

IMG_0620-editedThe plans call for the breadboard ends to be screwed down into the 4×4 legs; however, if you go this route you will want to be careful to not pick it up by those ends alone.  Another way to build the table top as one whole piece using your Kreg Jig and 2 1/2″ pocket screws to attach the 2×4 pieces together and then attach the breadboard ends to the 2x4s with pocket screws.  You can then attach the table top with 1 1/4″ pocket screws to the 1×4 aprons.  For the bottom shelf, the 1×4 pieces had to be ripped down to a 3″ width on the table saw to allow them to fit between the 4×4 legs.

IMG_0633-editedHere’s the finished table prior to staining.


I stained it with Minwax Polyshades stain in Mission Oak.  I did two coats and then applied two coats of Minwax Polycrylic in satin.

Entry Table


I was so excited to finally have an entry table.  It adds so much to that dull, empty space by our front door.  Check out Ana White’s website for the plans for this Tryde Console Table.  It’s a great first time furniture project.  It’s easy and it’s cheap!  I think we spent about $70 on the entire thing!

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  1. 1

    Kelley says

    I like your site and ideas, but you pictures are so large that they take forever to load. By large, I mean the file size. And before you ask, I have a high speed internet connection. None of the other blogs that I visit have the issue of their images still loading as I read their posts. In case you are wondering, I pulled an image from ana-white.com (http://ana-white.com/sites/default/files/3154835869_1381864678.JPG) that was 26KB (kilobytes) and one (Entry-Table.jpg) from yours that was 4,402KB or 4.20MB. In my browser they both look great.

    Again, love your blog, and just an FYI. :)

  2. 7

    Kate says

    Love your table!! I like the shelf on the bottom and will try this when I do my table this weekend. Quick question- I’m curious, is there a reason you didn’t use 1x3s on the bottom shelf instead of ripping 1x4s? I just want to make sure I’m not missing something because I was thinking of just using 1x3s. Also, the pieces of the bottom that aren’t the shelf itself (the sides of the shelf, that the shelf itself is actually sitting on)- what size boards are those?

    Thanks for your help!

    • 8

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      We didn’t use 1x3s because they are actually 2 1/2″ wide, so they aren’t quite wide enough to fill the space between the 4×4 legs. As far as the side aprons on the bottom, those are 1x4s. In a way, you’d be duplicating the frame that you built on the top to hold the table top. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, just let me know!

    • 10

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thank you! It definitely made it nice to have Home Depot do some of the work for us. The only downside to that is they aren’t always 100% accurate on their cuts. It’s amazing how much 1/8″ can throw things off:)

  3. 11


    Loving what you did!!! I wouldn’t spend $1000 for a table either. Love how you talked your husband in doing it, sounds a lot like me. I do the same thing to him. I like that you went with a darker stain as well, the wood grain looks beautiful and the table looks like you spent $1,000+ on it.

    Great job!

    • 12

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks! When I first told him I wanted to start building furniture, he asked when we became Amish;) He loves doing it as much as I do though. He just hates the finishing part, so he leaves that task to me.

  4. 17


    Wow Katie, the finished result is stunning! You and your hubby must be so proud! Thanks so much for sharing at our Get Your DIY on party! We are excited to be continuing our challenge with a monthly party. January’s theme is Organization and it starts Jan 5th! Hope you’ll continue to join us each month and share your fabulous projects!
    XO, Christy

    • 18

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Absolutely! I loved your link party challenges and I can’t wait for the next one:) Thank you so much for your kind comment. I hope you have a happy new year!

    • 20

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks! When I first told my husband that I wanted to build our own furniture, he asked when we became Amish;) He loves it as much as I do now. Especially because it’s so much cheaper than buying furniture and we get to build things together. I’ll stop by and post this now:)

  5. 25

    Addicted 2 DIY says

    I’ve been thinking of doing a tutorial on that. I’ll add that to my project list! I hope you have fun building this table and thanks for stopping by!

  6. 28

    Jenn reece says

    Is there any chance you can give me the exact wood cuts for this table and maybe the dimensions. I think I want to try this. Will be my first ever project :) Thanks!

    • 29

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Hi Jenn, the dimensions and cuts are all in the plans on Ana-White.com. The plans are free and she has the finished dimensions as well as the cut list all in there for you:). For the bottom shelf, we measured and cut those to fit after the top of the console was framed.

  7. 31


    Hi Katie, Love the table.
    I just picked up the Mission Oak Color and the sample looks alot brighter than the one you posted in your picture.
    Did the Polycrylic Satin change it to a darker color? or was the Polycrylic just a clear coating?

  8. 32


    Hi Katie, Love the table!
    I wasnt sure if my previous post actually got posted so lets try again.

    I just picked up the Mission Oak Minwax for a table im using and the sample color doesnt look like the color of your PB Inspired console table.

    Did the Polycrylic change the color by any chance or was it just the two coats that made it that dark? Thanks in advance =)
    Kevin recently posted…IKEA Dresser Challenge Roundup – Vote For Your Favorite!My Profile

    • 33

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      The polycrylic doesn’t change the color at all in my experience. It dries completely clear. The mission oak polyshades stain is just that dark, which was the desired color for us.

  9. 34

    Andrew Persich says

    Hey Katie, my wife and i plan on making this table this weekend and was curious what the measurements of the cuts that we need? Anna Whites website is down and was curious if you could help me! Thanks!

  10. 38

    Brittney s says

    Hello! I love your version of Ana White’s table. Is it possible for you to email me the exact cuts I need to get from Lowe’s, including the bottom shelf? I’m a beginner and this is my first project! Any advise is greatly appreciated!

  11. 40

    Larry says

    I have been searching for a console or couch table that my wife has decided that I need to make her before this Christmas season. I like the table that you and your husband made very much. I showed it to my wife and she said “that’s it”. I will modify the size to fit our purpose and have started cutting the wood already. I could not pull the plans up on Anna-White Webb site, so I am calculating what mine should be. I just finished making me a super sized wooden ice cooler and we bought a green stain that went with the Coca-Cola colors. She wants the frame done with that green stain and the top and bottom tops stained dark. It should come out looking good. She is very good with colors. Thanks for the posting. I will follow you on face book for more good ideas. I might post my table and wooden ice cooler on Pinterest if I can figure out how to do it. Thanks.

    • 41

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks so much Larry! I’d love for you to email me pictures of your finished table. I’m always excited to see what my readers come up with!


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