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I’m so excited to show you my new pegboard for my craft room.  I’ve wanted one for quite some time, and thanks to some wonderful Home Depot gift cards from Christmas, I finally decided that now was the perfect time to do it.  I suffer from the problem of “out of sight, out of mind” when it comes to my crafting/scrapbooking supplies, so having things out in front of me on a pegboard is a HUGE help!  In all, I spent about $60 on this project.  That was partly due to the fact that I had to buy a full 8’x4′ sheet of pegboard at $18.00.  The good news is that I have a bunch left over that I can now use to make pegboards in my boys’ rooms as well.  They’re pretty excited about that and can’t wait for me to get started on theirs.  

Here’s how I built it:

IMG_3430-editedI had the friendly associate at Home Depot cut the pegboard down for me.  I wanted the finished pegboard to be 60″ x 30″, so I had him cut it at 58″ x 28″.  That way the pegboard didn’t end up being flush with the frame.  It just wouldn’t look as pretty that way.  I picked out some moulding that I liked and bought 2 – 8′ sticks.  In hindsight, I would not have purchased PVC moulding, but I really liked the design on it.  It made the overall project a little bit tougher for me though.  If I had to do it all over again, I would choose either wood or particle moulding.  I’ll explain why in a bit.

IMG_3437-editedI used my Ryobi Miter Saw to trim the moulding to size.  I cut it on a 45 degree angle at 30″ and 60″ at the longest points.  

IMG_1991-editedI had a little leftover paint from when I built my craft table, and I used that to paint the moulding.  The pegboard was white when I bought it, but I decided to paint it black.  I was a little nervous that it would be too much black, but I love how it contrasts with the turquoise frame.

IMG_1993-editedI glued each 30″ piece to a 60″ piece with PVC cement.  This gave me two pieces.  I didn’t have a table big enough to glue all four corners together.  This was a can of cement that we already had, and I wasn’t too concerned about it being blue, but you can also get it in clear.  

IMG_2002-editedI used my Valspar antiquing glaze on the dried frame.  I wanted it to match my craft table.  If you aren’t sure how to use antiquing glaze, you can look back at my antiquing glaze tutorial to learn how.  The only thing I did differently on this project is that I used a dry cloth vs. a wet cloth.

IMG_2006I placed the finished moulding on the pegboard and then glued the other two corners together with PVC cement.  

IMG_2011-editedThe last two corners I glued had a tiny gap, so I filled the gaps with caulk and touched them up with more paint and glaze.

IMG_2009-editedThis is the point where I wished I had purchased wood or particle moulding.  The reason is because staples and nails won’t stay in the PVC moulding.  I tried stapling the corners together and the staples just wouldn’t hold.  Another friendly associate at Home Depot suggested I use this stuff.  He said it will work great and will dry quickly.  I squeezed a bead of this all of the way around the pegboard and then stuck the frame down.  I used some things I had around the garage to weigh the frame down to the pegboard while it dried.  

A few hours later, my mom came over to help me hang it (my husband was at work).  

IMG_2014-editedI purchased a pegboard accessory kit from Home Depot and in it came these nifty little 1/2″ spacers.  The package came with 6 of them, which was perfect!

IMG_2012-editedAnywhere that didn’t have a stud, I drilled a hole and placed a drywall anchor.  I then used the 1/2″ spacers and lined them up behind the pegboard and then drilled my screws through and into the wall.  I used a washer on each of the screws to make sure they didn’t slip through the pegboard holes.

IMG_3445-editedHere it is all finished and hung.  I forgot to photograph this step, but I painted over my screws and washers with black paint to help them blend in.

Craft Room Pegboard 3I couldn’t wait to start grabbing things I had tucked away in the closet and setting them out.  I took some of the shelf hooks out of the kit and grabbed a scrap 1×6 board and used that to hold my Mod Podge, some glue, and some sewing supplies.

Craft Room Pegboard 2To hold all of my paints, I make a simple box and hung it on some other shelf hooks that were included in the kit.  I seriously love being able to see what colors I have and not lose them because they got stuffed behind something else in the drawer I had them in.  

craft room pegboard 4I found these baskets at Lowes and they are perfect for my scrapbook embellishments and other craft supplies.  I also used the remaining hooks to hang some of my other scrapbook embellishments and embroidery floss.  I honestly had forgotten I had some of these things, so I am so excited to be able to finally use them.  Plus, I love how pretty everything looks out on display:)

pegboardI just love how it turned out and how the black makes everything on it stand out.  It only took a few hours to put it all together and that included the drying time for the glue.  If you have any questions on any of the steps, I’ll happily answer them the best that I can.  If you have been wanting a pegboard for a while, I hope this tutorial helps!  Please feel free to share, pin, like, and comment!  I always love to hear from you!



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    • 2

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      At one point I was considering the IKEA shelves too, but then fell in love with the pegboard craft room ideas. I do have quite a bit of IKEA furniture in my craft room though, and once I get it to a point I’m happy with, I’ll share all of it:)

    • 3

      Lisa says

      I am going to do this in my craft armoire, since I really don’t have a craft room! Love it! I plan on making pegboards for my boys nerf guns soon. Excited to see what you are going to do for your boys. I have been looking for baskets like the ones you found at Lowe’s, now I know where I can get some :)

      • 4

        Addicted 2 DIY says

        Ooh, I love the Nerf gun idea! I seriously find hose darts in every crevice of my house. Hanging the guns in a pegboard would be so fun!

    • 8

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks! I had a hard time deciding how I wanted to frame it as well, which is partly why it took so long for me to build it. I’ve got different frames in mind for the pegboards I’ll be making for my boys. I can’t wait to get started on those:)

  1. 13

    D@TheShadyPorch says

    I need one of these! You did a great job, I love how it looks with the frame. I like your paint storage too…I would have never thought of paint stored on a pegboard! Thanks for sharing at The Party On The Porch. Blessings, D@TheShadyPorch

    • 14

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks for the sweet comment! I kept losing my paints, so I knew having them in front of me would help a ton!

  2. 19

    Sandy says

    I bought a framed pegboard at a thrift store. I came with hangers nailed to the two upper corners. Couldn’t I just put it up on the wall with picture hanging hooks? I just want to hang things such as acrylic quilting rulers on the pegboard; nothing as heavy as paint cans!

    • 20

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      You could do that. You just have to make sure that there is enough space between the pegboard and the wall in order for the hooks to fit through the holes. If you don’t plan on putting much weight on it, then I think the picture hanging hooks should be fine. Just make sure that you have the screws either anchored into the drywall or into studs.

    • 31

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thank you and thanks for stopping by! I do try to show as much of the process as possible so people don’t have to guess what happened in between. Have a great weekend:)

    • 35

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks so much for stopping by! I already think I need to add another shelf for my growing paint supply;) I’m stopping by your blog next!


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