Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Hey everyone!  Today I wanted to share my latest patriotic project with you.  Like pretty much everyone, I love mason jars and will jump at any excuse to use them in a project.  I also love chalky finish paint, so I combined my two loves to make this set of patriotic lanterns.  

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

I used one half gallon and two quart-sized jars that I picked up from Michaels.  I wanted to create a mask that I could peel off later to allow light to peek through, so I used some leftover vinyl and cut out 1/4″ dots and 1/2″ stars for the jars.  I just stuck them randomly all over the jars.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

I painted the jars with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting.  

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

For the smaller jars, I used Frog Tape painter’s tape to mask off my stripes.  I just evenly placed the tape on the jars and then painted the stripes with Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Romance.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

I peeled the smaller dots off of the jars after all of the paint dried.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Before painting the larger jar, I cut out 1 3/4″ vinyl stars and stuck them to the jar.

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns


I painted the entire jar in Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Legacy.  

Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

Once the paint was dry enough, I peeled off both the larger and smaller stars.  Once I was sure the paint was completely dry, I sanded all of the jars with 220 grit sandpaper to distress them a bit.



Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns

I set them out front on our patio table and stuck a tea light in each of them.  They lit up perfectly and added some much needed light to this otherwise dark space in our courtyard.  I am so happy with how they turned out and I love that I’ve got some fun and festive decor for the front porch now!

I’ve got more patriotic posts to share with you this week, so be on the look out!



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    • 9

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thank you! You can find the paint at Michaels or Home Depot. You can also order it online from DecoArt.

  1. 10


    I love these! I noticed your picture at night with them lit up the glass looks shiny not chalky. Did you put a clear glossy coat over the chalk pain?

    • 17

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I think it would, although I’ve never used anything but chalky finish paint on them. I’d love to hear how it works for you if you choose to go with acrylic or latex paints.

    • 20

      Angie says

      I just finished using acrylic, and it was a DISASTER :( The acrylic sort of creates a plastic-y film that peels off along with the stickers. It was a mess! I spent so much time trying to touch up everything afterwards. I even made sure I let each coat dry before repainting or adding stickers/tape. Spend a little more and use the chalkboard paint! I have not sanded them yet as I am still touching up all the peeled areas, but I have a feeling the acrylic is not going to sand well.

      Also, for those who tried it and the paint peeled off with the stickers/frog tape, it could be either because you were using the wrong paint, didn’t let the paint dry completely before applying the stickers, sticker adhesive was too strong, any number of reasons really. I think a good starting point would be to wash the jars first with lots of soap. I noticed on the new jars I bought there felt as if there was some sort of coating on them. Good luck!

      • 21

        Addicted 2 DIY says

        Angie, I’m so sorry you are having so many troubles! I do agree that the chalk paint is a great paint to use because it is a flat paint, which minimizes how much the tape and vinyl will stick to it. Sadly any type of satin or gloss finish will probably peel. You should see how much patchwork we had to do in my oldest son’s room when we he had a hot wheels wall track held on with command strips. It not only took paint, but also the paper off the drywall!

    • 25

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Thanks Ariean! I am totally addicted to painting mason jars now! I can see that you are loving them too! :)

      • 26

        Michelle says

        Awesome idea! Absolutely love these! My paint peeled off when I removed the painters tape. Do you happen to have any advise? Thanks!

        • 27

          Addicted 2 DIY says

          I made sure to let my first coat get good and dry before I put the tape on. How long had you waited before putting the tape on? That’s the only thing I can think of. You could always touch up any paint that peels off too:)

          • 28

            Michelle says

            I’d say I let dry 3-4 hours….I only used one coat also, so maybe that didn’t help! Thanks for the info! I’m going to try again!

    • 32

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      You can purchase the paint at Michael’s or Home Depot and the vinyl was purchased online, but you can also find it at Michaels or any craft store, really:)

    • 34

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      You could. I just happened to use the Americana Chalky Finish paint. I’ve never tried acrylic paint, or latex paint, but I’m sure you could get similar results with those:)

  2. 36

    Dana says

    Love this project – even though we don’t celebrate 4th of July in Australia – we have Australia Day and our colours are similar. Just wondering if you could please tell me where I can buy this paint on-line that ships to Autralia. And also if anyone sells Ball and Mason Jars and ships too. Thank you in advance.

  3. 38

    Nancy says

    I’m such a patriotic geek and can’t help but to fall in love with the mason jar lanterns. I am definitely going to make these. Thank you so much for the darling idea.

  4. 42


    I love these! I made these over the weekend and am wondering if you used anything to get the sticky left behind by the vinyl off the jars? Suggestions? Thanks so much!

    • 43

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I didn’t have any sticky residue left over on mine. I’m so sorry that happened for you! What kind of vinyl did you use?

        • 45

          Addicted 2 DIY says

          You could try using Goo Gone in a Q tip or even baby oil. I’m so sorry you had that problem. Their vinyl is not my favorite. It is not the greatest quality, unfortunately.

          • 46


            Ok, thanks! Will try Goo Gone. Thanks for the info on the vinyl quality. I will try a different brand next time. Thanks for sharing this great idea on the patriotic mason jars!

  5. 47

    Jessica says

    I love these. I ran to the craft store this morning to get all the supplies and my first coat is drying now! The paint doesn’t say how long to let it dry so I was
    wondering how long you let it dry between coats and the vinyls and painters tape. Thanks!!

    • 48

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I let it dry for a couple of hours, just to be sure it was good and dry before I added the painters tape and vinyl.

  6. 49


    Hi, Katie!

    These Mason Jars are adorable! I am the host of a podcast called Suzie Homemaker on the Down-Low. This week I am recording a fourth of July themed episode and I would love to feature this tutorial. Please let me know if I can use some of the images on my website. I will link back to you and give you credit(of course).


    • 50

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Hi Katie, thanks so much for your sweet comment. Of course you may use pictures:). I look forward to seeing your post!

    • 52

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Hmm. DecoArt’s chalky finish paint website should have it too. You can also check Michaels.

    • 54

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Not very much, actually. You could probably get by with two jars of each color, but you could get three to be safe:)

  7. 60

    Crystal Logsdon says

    Thanks so much for the gorgeous Patriotic Mason Jar Lanterns!!! I love them to bits. I just became a crafty person thanks to this post being shared on Facebook. I will be trying some other designs with the jars as well. Oh by the way I used acrylic/multi surface paint & they turned out great! Thanks again

  8. 63


    After you used the candles inside, did you have a bunch of black soot left behind? If so, how do you suggest getting that off without ruining your finish?

    • 64

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Hi Sara, these are painted on the outside, so any black soot on the inside could be wiped away with a damp cloth:)

  9. 65


    I love your ” Patriotic Lanterns”. I’m going to make them, my daughter-in-law has an obsession with anything Americana or Patriotic, she would go crazy over these!!

    • 66

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Oh, I bet she’d love these then! Thanks for stopping by and checking them out:). Have a great weekend!

  10. 67

    Mara says

    I tried to make these today.. When I pulled off the stickers all the paint came with them.. I did try to use acrylic paint (since I have a ton at home already)…. I was able to pull all the paint right off the jars, as if it was vinyl…. Any tips??


    • 68

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      How long did you let the paint dry? I’ve never done this with acrylic paint, on,y the chalky finish paint, but I’ve heard other day the acrylic paint came out fine for them. If it was a glossy acrylic paint vs satin, that could play a part in the paint sticking to the tape. I’m so sorry that happened! I would try with satin acrylic if you didn’t already.

        • 70

          Addicted 2 DIY says

          I definitely would. I haven’t had any experience painting acrylic on glass, but most who have tried it with this project have said that it peels.

  11. 73

    Mara says

    So I wanted to come back and write that I did have success with acrylic paint… I ended having to experiment to make it work since no store in 1-2 hours of us carries the chalk paint in any color… The secret is to be slow and steady… Clean the jar with rubbing alcohol first then put on your stickers… Then paint white…. Let it dry thoroughly … Like at least 3-4 hours of not overnight… The longer you wait the better. Then put other stickers on and paint over it with your color….. Let this sit overnight and then peel… Again the longer the better.. I have the top paint an overnight drying and stickers peeled off like magic and left the white behind with no problem…. It just must take longer to cure or stick to the jar.. But it can be done… I’ve done it for 40-50 jars for an anniversary party and its worked just fine.. I even used 3-4 coats of one if the colors since it was yellow to cover well! Good luck!

  12. 75

    Mindy says

    Katie, I was wondering what type of stickers you use on the jars to be able to paint over but still be able to get them off. I am making these for a banquet.

  13. 77

    Kellie says

    hello!! I LOVE these!! I am trying them now…but I can’t seem to any kind of painters tape to stick the chalk paint?! I’ve tried the Scotch Blue and the Frogtape. Anyone else have this problem??

    • 78

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      That’s really strange. Mine stuck just fine. Maybe try gently wiping the jars with a damp cloth to see if maybe there is some loose dust on them from the chalk paint?

  14. 79

    Jamie says

    How long would you say this project took from start to finish? Want to do it with a group of people and have a limited time frame!

    • 80

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      With letting the paint completely dry, maybe 2-3 hours? I didn’t really time it and taking pictures between steps makes it take a long longer.

  15. 81


    I love these lanterns! I am in the middle of making these right now. How did you get the larger stars to stick to the jars after they were painted? My vinyl stars won’t stick to the paint.

    Thank you!!

    • 82

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      It might depend on the vinyl you are using. Mine stuck just fine, but if it is a lower quality vinyl, it may not stick at all.

    • 86

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      I don’t remember exactly how many coats I used, but enough to get full coverage of the colors. Before adding the tape over the striped jars and the stars over the larger jar, I let the paint dry for a few hours so I wouldn’t take any of it up with when it was time to peel the tape and vinyl off. I also let it dry fully between colors.

  16. 91

    Taryn says

    hey i love love love these. I just finished my first 2 sets and I’d like preserve the finish I created. What kind of varnish or clear coat should I use that won’t interfere with the the holes of light coming through? Thanks so much for this post and any answers you may have.<3

    • 92

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Hi Taryn,

      That’s a great question! If you were to use real candles, I’m not sure if there is a sealant that would hold up to the heat when the jars warm up. It could yellow the sealant or let off fumes. If you use battery operated LED candles, you can definitely seal it with a clear coat. Either a clear coat spray can or you can use polycrylic.

  17. 93


    I loved this project so much I decided to do it for one of our monthly craft nights. I almost couldn’t get the blue paint online too since a ton of people were out of stock on it. But fortunately I found someone who still had some. I am debating on whether I should prep the jars with the first coat of white paint first though just so we don’t have to spend ALL night waiting for the paint to dry. I hope you don’t mind me using your finished product picture to show the ladies what we’ll be making. If you’d rather me not use it I understand. They look so cute! Great job! Thank you for sharing!

    • 94

      Addicted 2 DIY says

      Of course not! Feel free to show them the inspiration pictures:) And prepping them with the white coat might be a good idea. Like you said, you ladies don’t want to spend your evening watching paint dry;)

  18. 95

    Kahleen says

    I’ve never worked with vinyl. Can I get sheets of them at a craft ? Also, I’m assuming you used vinyl becaus they are easier to get off the jars instead of regular stickers?

  19. 97

    Libby s says

    Hi we just made these tonight. I lucked out with the chalk paint being on clearance for 50 cents a bottle!!! And I just bought star stickers in the scrap booking area of AC Moore for a dollar! I love them. They are so cute and festive. Thank you!!!

  20. 99

    Kyler jordan says

    This is so cool I’m making some for a few friends, myself even shipping a few to Kentucky, awesome idea. Thank you…. I have a lot of mason jars I always grab them at garage sales for a cheap price,,,it always pays off…..


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