• DIY Farmhouse Produce Rack
  • 20 Stunning Statement Walls For Every Room In Your Home
  • DIY Pegboard Organizer with Magnetic Chalkboard – Free Plans
  • DIY Pet Platform – Comfortably Travel With Your Pets!
  • How To Beat The Heat This Summer – And A Giveaway!

DIY Farmhouse Produce Rack


Hey guys!  Raise your hand if your kitchen counters are being taken over by your fresh produce because you're lacking a place to store it.  I can tell you that I dealt with this problem constantly!  The clutter was starting to really get to me and I decided that I needed to do something about it.  I happened to have some super cute wire baskets from the Dollar Spot at ... [ Read More ]

20 Stunning Statement Walls For Every Room In Your Home

20 Stunning Statement Walls

Hey there, everyone!  Have you ever wanted to add a beautiful statement wall to your home?  I used to think the only way to add a statement wall to your home was with paint, which definitely is a great way to do it; however there are SOOOOO many options out there!  Last year, I installed a pallet wall in the hallway between my boys' bedrooms and I absolutely love it!  I'm ... [ Read More ]

DIY Pegboard Organizer with Magnetic Chalkboard – Free Plans

Build Your Own Pegboard Organizer with Magnetic Chalkboard

A couple of years ago, I came up with the idea to build pegboard organizers for my boys' rooms.  Frankly, I was getting tired of their hats being thrown everywhere and not having a place to put some of their little toys and knickknacks, so I built one for each of their rooms.  I shared the tutorial for building the organizer, but at the time, I had absolutely no clue how to draw up ... [ Read More ]

DIY Pet Platform – Comfortably Travel With Your Pets!


Hey there everyone!  I've got an awesome DIY solution for those of you who travel with your pets.  We built this DIY pet platform last September when our sweet Dakota just kept getting bigger and bigger.  She's now pushing 90 pounds!  When we traveled with her in my SUV, it wasn't a problem.  There were times, though, when we'd go on camping trips and we'd ... [ Read More ]

How To Beat The Heat This Summer – And A Giveaway!


Hey there, everyone!  I hope you're finding ways to beat the heat this summer.  If you're still looking for ideas, I've got the coolest (pun intended) solution ever, for you!  I'm teaming up with Arctic Cove to show you how to beat the heat this summer with the Arctic Cove 18V Polar Party Misting Tower and the 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan.  I can't even begin to explain how ... [ Read More ]

How to Replace A Garbage Disposal

How to Replace A Garbage Disposal

Hey there, everyone!  Today, I'm teaming up with Moen to show you how I quickly and easily replaced our garbage disposal.  If you haven't heard yet, Moen now offers seven different models of garbage disposals, ranging from 1/3 horsepower to 1 full horsepower.  Now the #1 faucet brand in North America not only has you covered above the sink, but also below the sink!  The new ... [ Read More ]

Build A DIY BBQ Accessory Cart – Free Plans!

DIY Grilling Accessory Cart

  Hey everyone!  Happy first day of summer!  Hopefully you are all dealing with nicer temperatures that we are here in the Valley of the Sun where we've already hit 120 degrees this year.  I've never been so happy that we have a dry heat!  Today I'm teaming up with HomeRight to bring you the free plans for this handy DIY BBQ Accessory Cart!  It's a great way to ... [ Read More ]

Free Plans – Build a DIY 4-in-1 Activity Table

DIY 4-in-1 Activity Table with Free Plans

Hey there, everyone!  School is out for summer in our house and I know it won't be long before all of us would give our right arm for great ideas to keep the kiddos busy and not at each other's throats during the long, hot months of summer.  My boys barely wait to get in the car on the last day of school before I have to pull on my striped jersey and play referree.  The struggle is ... [ Read More ]

My Secret Is Out! – Better Homes and Gardens Magazine Feature


Hey there everyone!  I've been keeping a secret from you all for the past six months, but the cat can finally be let out of the bag!  I am featured in the I Did It! section of the June issue of Better Homes and Gardens!  I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to be featured.  It was always I dream I had when I started my blog to be featured somewhere, and I was ... [ Read More ]

Rustic Ladder Wall Hooks

Rustic Ladder Wall Hooks

Hey there, everyone!  Mother's Day is literally just around the corner and I've got a quick and easy last-minute gift idea that any mom would love!  In fact, you may want to make one for yourself too!  This past weekend, I was scrolling through one of my favorite sites and found the inspiration for this project.  I told my husband I was cancelling my plans of cleaning and ... [ Read More ]