• DIY Dog Food Station with Storage
  • How To Make Your Own Floor Pouf
  • One Board Challenge – Rustic X Back Step Stool
  • Pottery Barn-Inspired Rustic Side Table
  • Quick and Easy Painting with the HomeRight Quick Painter and PaintStick EZ-Twist

DIY Dog Food Station with Storage


Happy Friday everyone!  For those of you who don't know, this is Dakota.  She's our sweet, loving, super spoiled furbaby.  So spoiled, in fact, that we're pretty certain she thinks she's human.  Just yesterday morning, I rolled over in bed to find her 6" from my face, asleep on the pillow next to me.  Hubby is sleeping on the other side of me in a recliner due to his ... [ Read More ]

How To Make Your Own Floor Pouf


Hey there everyone!  Have you ever tried to make your own floor pouf?  I had been wanting to for months, but my inclination to avoid all things sewing had me putting it off again and again.  When the desire came to have something to prop my feet on in the den, I finally broke down and figured out how to make one.  I actually ended up making two of these DIY poufs.  Mostly ... [ Read More ]

One Board Challenge – Rustic X Back Step Stool

rustic step stool

Hey everyone!  I've teamed up with 16 other super talented bloggers in a fun blog hop challenge.  We were challenged to create something amazing from a 1x8x8' board.  We could use any species of wood, and elements such as hardware were allowed to be used, but that's it.  Talk about a challenge!   I was pretty stumped for a while, but necessity finally allowed ... [ Read More ]

Pottery Barn-Inspired Rustic Side Table

Pottery Barn-Inspired Rustic Side Table

Hey there everyone!  I'm pretty excited to share with you my latest addition to the den!  And with this, it means that the den makeover is virtually done!  I'll have a full reveal for you all soon.  I've mentioned a few times how the den has become my happy place to sit and relax.  The one thing missing was a great side table to set my coffee on, or store my ... [ Read More ]

Quick and Easy Painting with the HomeRight Quick Painter and PaintStick EZ-Twist

Quick and Easy Painting with the HomeRight Quick Painter and PaintStick EZ-Twist

Hey everyone!  It's been another busy week of working on projects and I can't wait to share them all with you.  I also managed to sneak in some more painting this week.  I'm slowly painting the interior of our house a gorgeous greige color.  It always seems a little funny to say that this greige is a bright and happy color, but it looks so amazing!  It's called Mindful ... [ Read More ]

Bob Vila’s Thumbs Up Competition – I’d Love Your Vote!


It's a bit hard for me to contain my excitement about being contacted by BobVila.com and have a project nominated in his Thumbs Up DIY Competition.  I have seen these competitions and voted for many projects in them, but to be nominated is amazing!  This month, the projects being voted on are made using 2x4s.  They picked the very first project I ever shared on my blog, ... [ Read More ]

Vote for Your Favorite Billy Bookcase IKEA Hack!

15207 ART IKEA Bookcase Challengesmall

Hey everyone!  Last month, 12 bloggers partnered with HomeRight and took on the challenge of transforming this basic Billy Bookcase into an amazing IKEA hack.  The only rules were that we needed to use a HomeRight product when creating it.   I shared PART 1 and PART 2 of my IKEA hack on the blog a few weeks ago.  Well, there are 11 other amazing ... [ Read More ]

Create A Travel Inspired Gallery Wall


Hey there everyone!  Today I'm going to show you how I created this travel-inspired gallery wall.  I've been wanting to create a gallery wall in my den for quite some time, but it was always so hard to figure out exactly how to put it together.  Part of my problem was the sheer size of the wall in this room.  It's pretty long and really needs a lot of pictures to fill the ... [ Read More ]

Declutter Your Counters With A DIY Produce Rack!


Raise your hand if you love fresh fruits and vegetables but hate cluttering your counters with those that keep best at room temperature!  I'm one of those people and I finally solved my problem and decluttered my kitchen counter by building this simple, rustic produce rack.  With three sturdy wire baskets, I'm able to keep all of my fruit and vegetables off my counters, but still easily ... [ Read More ]

Knockoff Cocktail Recipe: Deep Eddy Sipper

Knockoff Cocktail Recipe: Deep Eddy Sipper

Hey everyone!  It's no secret that I love to build a good knockoff project, but recently I managed to recreate an amazing knockoff recipe!  A few weeks ago, we went out to celebrate a friend's birthday and the place we went to had this insanely good cocktail called the Deep Eddy Sipper.  I love fruity cocktails but sometimes they can be sickeningly sweet.  This was not one of ... [ Read More ]