• How To Build A Hexagon Cedar Bench
  • DIY Wood Lanterns
  • Printable Plans – PB Kids-Inspired Nightstand
  • One Board Challenge Contest/Giveaway
  • Yard Sale Rocking Chair Makeover

How To Build A Hexagon Cedar Bench

Build a gorgeous hexagon cedar bench that fits perfectly around a shady tree using this tutorial.

Hey there, everyone!  Today's project is a pretty awesome backyard DIY project that I'm going to share with you.  A good friend of ours asked us if we could build a hexagon cedar bench for his mom using some plans he had found online.  Since our Home Depot just recently started selling cedar, I was so excited to build a big project with it.  The base was built out of redwood ... [ Read More ]

DIY Wood Lanterns


Hey everyone!  Today, I'm over at Pretty Handy Girl sharing the tutorial for these simple wood lanterns.  I've always wanted some pretty wooden lanterns, but I really hated to pay the high price for them, so I built my own!   I made mine using cedar boards that I ripped down into square sticks, but you can easily build these with square dowels.  Be sure to ... [ Read More ]

Printable Plans – PB Kids-Inspired Nightstand

PB Kids Inspired Nightstand - Finished

Several months ago, I shared the tutorial for this PB Kids-inspired nightstand.  I built it for my youngest son and it looks just like the original Camp Collection nightstand sold by PB Kids.  I had no clue how to use SketchUp back then, so I only had the picture tutorial to share with you all.  Luckily, I finally learned and today I'm sharing the printable ... [ Read More ]

One Board Challenge Contest/Giveaway

One Board Challenge Contest

Hey everyone!  If you remember, back in July I teamed up with some of my seriously talented fellow bloggers in a One Board Challenge.  We had to create something amazing from a single 1x8x8' board.  A challenge it certainly was, but to see all of the different projects that everyone came up with was truly incredible and inspiring!  I came up with this rustic x backed ... [ Read More ]

Yard Sale Rocking Chair Makeover


 Raise your hand if you love yard sales!  I love yard sales, but I don't get out to too many.  It's hard to fit it into our busy schedule and, frankly, it's hot out there!  Last year, though, I discovered my new love...Swip Swap!  It's a local yard sale group on Facebook.  When I say local, I mean a particular area of town or a large neighborhood.  There are ... [ Read More ]

How To Install A Pallet Wall The Easy Way


Hey everyone!  I'm so excited to share this post with you today.  It's a project that has been on my list for quite some time and I'm happy to say that I finally get to check it off!  I have been wanting to give the hallway between my boys' bedrooms an update for a while.  It was pretty boring and I wanted it to have some interest.  It's not a large hallway, but with our ... [ Read More ]

Anthropologie-Inspired Quotation Bookends


Happy Friday!  If you happen to be a fan of HGTV Magazine, you probably noticed the fun Anthropologie quotation marks bookends on the cover of the latest issue.  I thought they were such a great idea to add interest to a bookcase, so I decided that I needed to make a set of my own.  The Anthropologie version commands a whopping $168, but I was able to make mine for virtually ... [ Read More ]

Customized Mileage Sign Wall Decor


Hey everyone!  A few weeks ago, I shared how I put together my travel-inspired gallery wall.  Then the weeks slipped by and after a few questions, I realized I never shared how I made some of the things in it.  Today I'm going to share with you how I made these simple custom mileage signs.  I picked some of our favorite vacation spots to add more of a personal touch to our ... [ Read More ]

DIY Cedar Towel Rack

cedar towel rack

Hey everyone!  I'm over at Pretty Handy Girl today sharing my tutorial for this fun cedar towel rack.  I can't even begin to describe how excited I was to find that my Home Depot FINALLY started selling cedar and I just couldn't wait to make something with it.  My boys are terrible about leaving their wet towels on their bathroom floor after getting out of the pool, so I ... [ Read More ]

PB Teen-Inspired Nighstand

PB Teen Inspired Nightstand

 *This post contains affiliate links* Hey everyone!  I am so excited to share this latest project with you.  It's a knockoff version of the PB Teen Emerson Bedside Table.  I built it for my oldest son and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!  The original version is $399, but this version cost me only around $60 to build.  Part of that was because I ... [ Read More ]